Isthari Video and Audio

REMOTE Contribution 

Isthari is a revolutionary video and audio contribution platform that provides secure remote communication without any app or software installation.

It enables gathering high-quality guest contributions on any desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Invitations for your guests can be sent via SMS, WhatsApp, Email, or a unique link.

Moreover, it also provides access to crystal clear HD video and audio streaming from point-to-point or group contributions with just one web browser. Sign up now and Make the most of Isthari today!

Our Features

Audio and Video 

The software is used to make high quality, low latency audio calls with journalists or guests.

Guest Interview

Share a direct web link with your guests,  to contribute on any laptop, tablet, or mobile device without any installation required.

Remote Commentator

This service helps commentators at home receive the video synchronized for a match and send the audio (and perhaps video) to radio/tv stations.

Easy Phone Calls

Isthari facilitates easy phone calls, allowing you to connect easily with people across the globe. The modern-day features of Isthari enable its users to stay connected better and more efficiently.

Why choose Isthari

An Easy Cloud-based Solution

Isthari makes it easy to bring guests into the studio remotely with a direct link. You share a web link with your guest. Allowing them to join in a browser on any laptop, tablet, or mobile device without any installation required. And there’s no limit to how many simultaneous calls you can make!

Ultra-Low Latency

Our platform ensures ultra-low latency for conversations with guests so you can ensure your interviewees are heard in real-time.

Unlimited Waiting Rooms

Create unlimited waiting rooms for large-scale events where multiple guests can wait before going live. Or create a public waiting room with a QR code – anyone can instantly scan this code with their phone to join as a guest. A remote producer can also connect from his end and manage the guests before they connect to the studio. They can also control video and audio sent back to the guests or between guests.

Interview Recording

Journalists don’t need to worry either; interviews can be recorded automatically on their laptops. The recorded files will then be available in the cloud, ready for use in your station workflow.